Our Work

We follow a globally integrated investment approach across all private markets asset classes. This enables us to construct flexible portfolios that can adapt their investment strategy in case of changing market conditions. Our investment approach includes three investment strategies: direct, secondary and integrated investments.

Direct Investments - We invest in attractive companies, real estate assets and infrastructure assets, with high development potential. Value creation is our priority and we work closely with management teams and corporate partners throughout the life of our investments. Our investment professionals are supported by our in-house team of dedicated industry experts, who capitalize on their deep sector knowledge to seek out value creation opportunities.

Secondary Investments - We acquire quality companies or portfolios of assets with significant value potential and/or undervalued assets at their point of inflection on the secondary market. Our long history as a secondaries investor gives us a comprehensive understanding of this complex and often competitive market globally. We are able to seek out proprietary acquisitions and offer innovative solutions, speed and responsiveness to our counterparties.

Integrated Investments - We complement our direct and secondary investments with commitments to select managers in the private markets industry. Through a flexible combination of these three investment strategies, we can benefit from economic cycles and build more diversified, global private markets portfolios. We have done this since our foundation and have consistently generated outperformance for our clients across economic cycles.

Private Infrastructure


We invest in essential infrastructure through dedicated local teams around the globe and focus on value creation opportunities. Our specialized teams have invested and built significant expertise in the following sectors globally: transportation, communication, conventional power, renewable power, energy infrastructure, water, social infrastructure, and waste management.

Our strategy is to seek control-oriented global infrastructure transactions with limited downside risk and high visibility of cash flows. Our targeted infrastructure investment universe offers potential for value creation through active ownership. At the same time, our global investment platform allows for investment flexibility across the capital structure, regions and sectors.

Private Equity

Our private equity investment approach is based on a relative value analysis that looks at global sectors, industries and regions from a top-down perspective and identifies opportunities for investment in specific markets. Our local investment teams then work to identify growing companies within those specific markets that would benefit from our involvement.

Our Industry Value Creation team helps to maximize value in portfolio companies by driving forward strategic initiatives and operational improvements. The team has specialist expertise across several sectors, enabling us to offer our portfolio companies outstanding partnership opportunities. We are specialized in the following sectors: healthcare, consumer, media & telecom, information technology, industrials, infrastructure/energy & utilities, financial services and real estate.